01. The man [stared] at the woman until she turned away in embarrassment.
02. The unhappy student [stared] at the test; he had studied the wrong material.
03. Their teenage daughter is always afraid that people are [staring] at her, and laughing at her clothing or hair.
04. Shyam [stared] out the window of his office, and thought about his home in Bombay.
05. My wife said nothing, but gave me an angry [stare] when I came home from the pub drunk.
06. Angelina [stared] at her computer screen, wondering what to do next.
07. The cat [stared] at the dog, ready to flee if it came towards her.
08. Someone once said that those who [stare] at the past have their backs turned to the future.
09. The young boy [stared] as the girl walked by in her short skirt.
10. The children sat and [stared] at the television for an hour.
11. The children could only [stare] in horror as the car ran over their little dog.
12. The young boy was obviously bored in class as he sat [staring] out the window.
13. All the guys were [staring] as the young woman came out of the change room in her bikini.
14. Burton Rascoe once suggested that what no wife of a writer can understand is that a writer is working when he's [staring] out of the window.
15. When giving a presentation, shut the curtains in the room so that people in the audience don't [stare] out the windows.
16. Pop group Chicago sang, "People [stare], but they don't see, all the hurt that's inside of me."

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